South Africa Set 1 (5 Books)
South Africa Set 1 (5 Books)
South Africa Set 1 (5 Books)
South Africa Set 1 (5 Books)
South Africa Set 1 (5 Books)
South Africa Set 1 (5 Books)

South Africa Set 1 (5 Books)

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These 5 beautiful books comprise the South Africa Set 1. The first Conscious Bedtime Stories to be released in South Africa, and you can have them delivered to your home.
  • The Hug Who Got Stuck
  • The Elephant Who Tried To Tiptoe
  • The Boy Who Searched For Silence
  • The Prayer Who Searched For God
  • How Diablo Became Spirit

THE HUG WHO GOT STUCK, Teaching children to access their heart and get free from sticky thoughts.

This exceptional bedtime story for ages 4 to 8 follows the adventures of Hug, a hero who got stuck as he was headed for the heart for which it was made. Will Hug navigate past The Web of Sticky Thoughts to deliver love and care to the one special heart for which it was intended? The illustrations in this book are truly magical. You can explore the Hug Factory in the center of the heart, finding something new each time your read. It helps kids to learn that sometimes it takes surrender for everything to get better.

The book ends with Your Daily Hug Meter, a short set of questions to help children open to giving and receiving love, and the value of surrender as an antidote to Sticky Thoughts.

"A gentle reminder how our negative thoughts block the flow to our heart, and how hugs help free us."
Sandra Fazio 
Founder, The Conscious Parent Blog

"Bedtime is such a struggle for most moms I work with. By the end of the day moms are are tired as their children. Andrew’s book is a sure fire way to nurture MOMS as they nurture their children before bed!" 
Suzi Lula 
Agape Licensed Spiritual Counselor, author of 'The Motherhood Evolution'

THE ELEPHANT WHO TRIED TO TIPTOE, Reminding children to love the body they have.

Book of the Year 2018 - Creative Child Magazine.

“An unforgettable journey into the universe. A brilliant story with gorgeous illustrations, compelling language and imagery, that will awaken your soul!”
Tererai Trent, Ph.D.
Author of "The Girl Who Buried Her Dreams In A Can"

This rhyming bedtime story for ages 3 to 8 follows the adventures of Ellie as she falls in and out of love with herself. This tale reminds children to be their true self and to love the body they have. The book ends with Ellie’s Bedtime Body Scan, a progressive relaxation exercise to help children relax, to love and appreciate their own bodies and to fall gently to sleep.

This is the BEST SELLING book in the collection. There is something about Ellie that people just fall in love with. She stretches across age groups, delighting the readers.

AWARD: We are excited to announce that The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe has been named Book of the Year 2018 by Creative Child Magazine. Creative Child Magazine's Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by more than 60 moms, educators and early education professionals. The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe is a part of the Conscious Bedtime Stories collection.

THE BOY WHO SEARCHED FOR SILENCE, Helping young children find silence within themselves.

Follow the adventure of our hero, The Boy, as he runs from the noises of life, hoping to find Golden, Peaceful, Blissful Silence. Join in his amazement as he discovers Silence where he least expects it.

This one-of-a-kind book will help children to use meditation and gratitude to help with the stress and constant stimulation of the outside world. The book ends with The Gratitude Spiral, a short exercise to help children to raise their awareness of help children change their perspective and also to relax and sleep.

"My new all-time favorite children's book! Elegant, wise and profound, these pages will offer your child the inestimable gift of always knowing where to find peace: within their own selves. Every child needs to read this wonderful book!" 
Dr. Shefali Tsabary 
Clinical Psychologist and Author of NYT bestselling, The Conscious Parent

“A wonderful book that provides parents and care-givers with meaningful and simple resources to nurture the natural spirituality of the young." 
Reggie Ray and Caroline Pfohl
Co-lineage holders of Dharma Ocean

"The idea of young children finding silence within themselves seemed counter-intuitive to me, but Andrew Newman has captured it" 
Joseph Logan, Father and Coach for Extraordinary Leaders 

THE PRAYER WHO SEARCHED FOR GOD, Helping Children Use Prayer And Breath To Find God Within Themselves.

This imaginative, heartfelt story for ages 4 to 8 follows the adventures of one special prayer as she travels on a single breath to the edge of the universe to find God. This book will help children of all faiths to use prayer and breath to find God within themselves.

The book ends with Breathe Your Prayers, a short exercise to provide children an easy way to pray.

"Andrew Newman's spirit-filled stories bring readers into a bright new paradigm of children's literature. Filed with marvelous quests and luminous color, these tales will engage, uplift, and heal adults and kids alike" 
Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD

"As the father of a newborn, I think it's never too early to teach our children about the power of prayer and that God is closer than their very breath. I'm confident that parents of every religious and spiritual background will find this story to be of great value in introducing their child to the beauty of faith, prayer, and mindfulness" 
Rev. David Alexander (Father of Wiliam and Josh)

HOW DIABLO BECAME SPIRIT, Showing children how to connect with animals and respect all living beings.

Co-Authored by Anna Breytenbach and Andrew Newman.

Based on a true story, this wonderful bedtime tale for kids ages 5 through 12 tells of the difficult journey of Spirit the black leopard, told from his own point of view. An animal communicator helps Spirit to change his life, which also changes the life of those who care for him.

Spirit’s amazing story has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube. Beautifully illustrated, this book, which is part of the Conscious Bedtime Story Club collection, is a sure-fire winner for parents seeking conscious parenting tools. This book will help children recognize and appreciate all life forms, including animals, as the sentient beings that they are.

How Diablo Became Spirit ends with Spirit’s Secret Steps for communicating with animals. This reflective activity page leads the reader through the process of opening and connecting to their favorite animal.